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Euronews & Al-Jazeera problems

My Euronews signal is MUCH better than any other freesat one (that I test for)
BUT I have a client who’s is weaker and by the time it goes through the surge protector it is too weak to see
Currently Lynsat reports:
Astra 2F 28.2°E 12663 H DVB-S MPEG-2 22000 5/6

I read this:

Euronews is not a Freesat channel as far as I am aware it is a sky FTA 12560 V 27500 2/3 according to lyngsat however that frequency is very close to the DECT phone frequency problem

Hi band problems:-

12480 to 12500 MHz (10600 MHz LO) IF is 1880 to 1900 MHz

try disconnect the power from your DECT phone and scanning again

Large Dishes

It is all very well having a larger dish but you have to remember it has a greater windage, so unless it is positioned somewhere sheltered it should be made of something non-flimsy and attached to a post that doesn’t squash when you tighten it.

French TV frequencies

TF1 12522 V 22000 2/3 –  Polarisation V – 13v (H is 18v)
France 2 same
France 3 12699 V 22000 5/6

11856 V tp 72 DVB-S SR 27500 FEC 3/4

Channel 5 10964 H tp 57DVB-S 22000-5/6 2-2057
BBC ONE Scotlkand is on 2F all the rest are on 1N ( 2013-12-08)

LO stands for Local Oscillator.  It is the oscillator used by your LNB or LNBF.  It MUST match in your meter, so enter the same LO information from your LNB into your meter in the ‘LO’ field.  Most LNBs have the LO printed on the label.
Common LO’s are:

  • Ku Universal LNBF:  09750 & 10600
  • Ku US LNBF:  10750
  • DSS LNBF:  11250
  • C band LNBF:  5150

LNBFs with 2 LOs use 22 KHz for switch between them.  If you don’t know how to use the 22KHz switching see:  How do I know when to turn the 22KHz on?


Pulsat in Montauban:
Sell brackets for Internet via Satellite costing 35 euros which is quite expensive but significantly stronger / better quality than the one in BricoMarche for the same price and the one in Mr Bricolage which costs 29.
They also sell the cheapest TNT decoder (with viewing card) that I have seen at the moment – 99 euros (still expensive!)

Dish allignment and sizes

Some observations regarding Freesat/Sky dish (Astra2 28.2 degrees) pointing

J&N – 120cm Viseosat dish pointed optimally reads 100% and 16db signal to noise and 80%100%signal and quality on the Sky box

G&D 80cm Viseosat dih reads 80% and 13.8db – 80% quality on the Humax box – not recorded properly

J&D 40 cm Sky minidishat (28.2) 11.5db max – about 60%60% on sky box
40 cm Sky minidish at 19.2 (French) 13.9db max

What channels are broadcast from which satellite?

At the moment most things are coming off Astra 1N and Channel 5 family are coming off Astra 2F. Astra 2E will be launched soon to take over from 1N.

We do get some channels from Eutelsat 2A which isn’t quite in the same place so the signal isn’t as strong eg Bloomberg

What about CNN? see

TV – satellite – antenne – Freeview in France

Did you know?:

  • A French decoder (CanalSat ) with a card can decode an English satellite signal.
    So French and English signals can come off their dishes/heads be combined by a DiSEqC switch and go down one coax cable to a French decoder – just change channels to watch French, Spanish etc. (off Astra 19.2) and English off Astra 28.2
  • An Analogue French TV aerial and an English Freeview TV will work together to display French TV (in Saint Antonin) even though we have switched over to Digital