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Pay as you go Satellite Broadband

Ideal for holiday homes?
Europasat do the same as the one listed below (SES)

  • astrasat PAYG €7.75/£7.00 per GB
  • HARDWARE COST- €318.95 / £299.99,
  • CONNECTION FEE – €42.74 / £38.50
  • €7.75/£7.00 per GB

Nordnet do one too:  internet-satellite-tempo
399 for the kit, 3 per month rental and 2.99 A DAY usage fee

Nordnet order forms

Nordnet Internet by Satellite Order forms:

Small file size version with just the order forms:

Full Nordnet Internet by Satellite order form for JET and MAX: Partner order form
Pay as you go Nordnet Internet by satellite: internet-satellite-tempo  (but you have to pay 399 for the kit)

for me:

Partner page:

Dish allignment and sizes

Some observations regarding Freesat/Sky dish (Astra2 28.2 degrees) pointing

J&N – 120cm Viseosat dish pointed optimally reads 100% and 16db signal to noise and 80%100%signal and quality on the Sky box

G&D 80cm Viseosat dih reads 80% and 13.8db – 80% quality on the Humax box – not recorded properly

J&D 40 cm Sky minidishat (28.2) 11.5db max – about 60%60% on sky box
40 cm Sky minidish at 19.2 (French) 13.9db max