This site is intended to provide useful information to the local community to enable them to get broadband at home.

If your contract is expired you should renegotiate a cheaper one as the prices have gone down. Don’t just carry on paying the same old high price. You can change your equipment and get a ‘better’ contract but then you have to sign up again for 2 years (in the case of Nordnet)

I think Sat2way are more flexible and helpful than Nordnet, so if you want to sign up for a contract with them, let me know and I will get you an application form.
Another option:
English IP address (for iPlayer)

Tester votre vitesse:
Click on the “BEGIN TEST” button (Clickez sur le bouton “BEGIN TEST” – voir image)


Test your connection speed/ tester votre vitesse de connexion – ONLY CLICK ON BEGIN TEST the rest are adverts!

My result (on a bad day!):



Nordnet’s portal? – – I think this maybe on the box itself

Orange DSL test: dsltest

Streaming (PC, PS3) Per Hour
Low bandwidth streaming (480Kbps) = 190-210MB
Standard quality streaming (800Kbps) = 320-340MB
High quality streaming (1500Kbps) = 600-640MB
High definition streaming (2800Kbps) = 1.10-1.20GB

Tooway documents
Flow chart
TV Module
Dish Assembly
Ka Installation manual
Toubleshooting modem
Wireless Router setup

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