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Telephone via Satellite Broadband

You need satellite broadband  because you live too far from the exchange to receive broadband via the phone – well either you can get it but it is too slow or you just live too far away.

There are also the rare cases of people who have to pay too much to hook up to the phone network, so they choose Satellite Broadband

It is tempting to completely get rid of Orange when applying for a satellite broadband because you can stop paying your line rental and call charges but you do need to be aware of what Telephone via satellite broadband is.

Telephone via the internet (VOIP) is great – most Orange customers use it already  without knowing it (the telephone calls get priority due to QoS (Quality of Service) through the network).

Satellite calls are different

  1. QoS doesn’t exist beyond the router (so the voice call doesn’t get priority)
  2. The satellite is 36,000 km away so when you are talking to someone your words have to travel 72,000 km before they arrive – that takes 1/2 a second which makes a difference
  3. When lots of people are using the satellite it gets worse.

These people claim to provide good voip over Satellite Broadband


UK VOIP Supplier :

Nordnet’s new broadband via satellite contracts

Nordnet have two types of Broadband via Satellite contract – Nordnet JET and Nordnet MAX.

JET points at Astra 2 and is cheaper and more domestic,

MAX points at EUTELSAT KA-SAT (9° EAST) and is more for businesses
(Eutelsat satellite uses Tooway technology which is usually faster and less variable in speed.

Nordnet have made their contracts cheaper apparently BUT they have also limited the speeds after a threshold see below…

Name Fast quantity Slow Quantity Price Comment
Jet 2 Giga 2 Giga €19:90 Too small
Jet 10 Giga 5 Giga 5 Giga €24:90 Unlimited between 11pm and 7am
Jet 30 Giga 10 Giga 20 Giga €39:90 Unlimited between 11pm and 7am
Jet 50 Giga 10 Giga 40 Giga €49:90 Unlimited between 11pm and 7am

The first tranche of data arrives at 5 times the speed of the slow second tranche (presumably 22mbps and 4 mbps)

Presumably if you don’t want to buy the kit out right at €399 you need to add €10 a month to the price. (applies to MAX too)

MAX – 22 mega reception (20 megabits per second download) and 6 mega in emision (6mbps upload)

Name Telephone Price Comment
10 giga fixes in France €29.90 €34.90 after 12 months
25 giga fixes and mobiles in France + 50 destinations worldwide
unlimited surfing between 12pm and 6am
€44.90 €54.90 after 12 months
35 giga fixes and mobiles in France + 50 destinations worldwide
unlimited surfing between 12pm and 6am
65 giga to use in ‘heures crueses’
€84.90 €99.90 after 12 months

If you want to get one of these installed – let me know – I can do it for you.

Or you might want to discuss other options? 

Large Dishes

It is all very well having a larger dish but you have to remember it has a greater windage, so unless it is positioned somewhere sheltered it should be made of something non-flimsy and attached to a post that doesn’t squash when you tighten it.


Pulsat in Montauban:
Sell brackets for Internet via Satellite costing 35 euros which is quite expensive but significantly stronger / better quality than the one in BricoMarche for the same price and the one in Mr Bricolage which costs 29.
They also sell the cheapest TNT decoder (with viewing card) that I have seen at the moment – 99 euros (still expensive!)

Dish allignment and sizes

Some observations regarding Freesat/Sky dish (Astra2 28.2 degrees) pointing

J&N – 120cm Viseosat dish pointed optimally reads 100% and 16db signal to noise and 80%100%signal and quality on the Sky box

G&D 80cm Viseosat dih reads 80% and 13.8db – 80% quality on the Humax box – not recorded properly

J&D 40 cm Sky minidishat (28.2) 11.5db max – about 60%60% on sky box
40 cm Sky minidish at 19.2 (French) 13.9db max

What channels are broadcast from which satellite?

At the moment most things are coming off Astra 1N and Channel 5 family are coming off Astra 2F. Astra 2E will be launched soon to take over from 1N.

We do get some channels from Eutelsat 2A which isn’t quite in the same place so the signal isn’t as strong eg Bloomberg

What about CNN? see

TV – satellite – antenne – Freeview in France

Did you know?:

  • A French decoder (CanalSat ) with a card can decode an English satellite signal.
    So French and English signals can come off their dishes/heads be combined by a DiSEqC switch and go down one coax cable to a French decoder – just change channels to watch French, Spanish etc. (off Astra 19.2) and English off Astra 28.2
  • An Analogue French TV aerial and an English Freeview TV will work together to display French TV (in Saint Antonin) even though we have switched over to Digital