Telephone via Satellite Broadband

You need satellite broadband  because you live too far from the exchange to receive broadband via the phone – well either you can get it but it is too slow or you just live too far away.

There are also the rare cases of people who have to pay too much to hook up to the phone network, so they choose Satellite Broadband

It is tempting to completely get rid of Orange when applying for a satellite broadband because you can stop paying your line rental and call charges but you do need to be aware of what Telephone via satellite broadband is.

Telephone via the internet (VOIP) is great – most Orange customers use it already  without knowing it (the telephone calls get priority due to QoS (Quality of Service) through the network).

Satellite calls are different

  1. QoS doesn’t exist beyond the router (so the voice call doesn’t get priority)
  2. The satellite is 36,000 km away so when you are talking to someone your words have to travel 72,000 km before they arrive – that takes 1/2 a second which makes a difference
  3. When lots of people are using the satellite it gets worse.

These people claim to provide good voip over Satellite Broadband


UK VOIP Supplier :

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