Fast Internet access in St Antonin

Fast internet access is available in the centre of Saint Antonin – VDSL

I spoke to the phone engineer who came to lay a new cable to a house on the cote de Rodanese in St Antonin today.

I asked him about Fibre Optic and he said the Saint Antonin central (exchange) has fibre-optic going into it which worked at 100mbps (the central is below the swimming pool / gym carpark).

Houses within 1 KM of the central should be able to get faster internet access called VDSL. The house we were at was close and he thought it should get VDSL at 80mbps!

Orange customers: If you have a white Livebox (rectangular with corner chopped off) this is a ADSL 2 Livebox – you need to change it for a VDSL one to get faster access. Apparently Orange will get round to changing it eventually.

SFR – supply VDSL too

On can check ones elegibilty on : here are the results for DSL availability for a house lower on the Cote de Rodenese:

Informations techniques

central téléphonique : ST ANTONIN – UTSL1
longueur de ligne :886 mètres
affaiblissement théorique :  11.9646dB
état de la ligne :  ACTIVE
débit maximum estimé ADSL :  18.88 Mbps
débit maximum estimé VDSL : 34.76 Mbps

Which although very fast is half what he said

Degroutest say Orange and SFR offer VDSL at €19.99 per month only

Sadly the engineer was very pessimistic about the chances of our internet speed au Bosc improving even after the 2022 90% coverage with fibre-optic target. reports:

ADSL 2 Mbits

La ligne 056367xxxx a un affaiblissement de51,79 dB lié à la distance de 5316 mètres qui la sépare du central de ST ANTONIN (82155SAN).

Elle est composée d’une portion de 3455 mètresde câble de cuivre (0,6 mm) et d’une portion de1861 mètres de câble de cuivre (0,8 mm) .

Cette ligne a un affaiblissement de 47,42 dB lié à la distance de 4458 mètres qui la sépare du central de ST ANTONIN (82155SAN). Elle est composée d’une portion de 4458 mètres de câble de cuivre (0,6 mm) .

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